American SportWorks Land Master LM400 ATV Reviews Reviews


American SportWorks Land Master LM400 ATV Reviews

Summary: Landmaster 400
March 1st, 2014
Overall pleased with the construction of the frame and suspension. The Honda engine is very reliable, starts immediately with brief use of choke this winter(temps in the teens).The ride initially was very rough, almost painfully so in lower back. After dropping tire pressures to 5 lbs,ride smooth, very comfortable. Bench seat firm but not uncomfortable. The tilting cargo bed is strong with plenty of room for transporting deer, fire wood and sacks of cattle feed , fertilizer, or a dog box. Brakes are OK, but could be better. Now for the bad. Lights are cheap, very dim with weak plastic housing that cracks easily. Both headlights had to be replaced in first week. Why is at least one red tail light not on this unit? For the price, this is a great utility vehicle. Great for work and hunting. Do not buy if you want to go more than 15 to 18 mph. The unit is almost over engineered for strength, Dana rear end is outstanding, tires are good. Just wish it was at least 8mph faster.
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